David Lewis, Registered Patent Agent
The Job of a Patent Agent

For those considering a career as a patent agent

A patent agent writes and files patent applications, helps
identify patentable subject matter, and writes responses to
Office Actions arguing the patentability of an invention/patent
application.  Sometimes a patent agent is given the title of
patent engineer.  However, in contrast to engineering, being a
patent agent involves a lot of writing and dealing with legal
issues.  The patent agent needs to understand the technology
related to the patent application well enough to explain it
clearly and to identify the significant features that need patent
protection and significant differences between an invention
and a prior device. To become a registered patent agent in
the United States, it is necessary to take an examination given
by the US Patent and Trademark Office or work at the
United States Patent and Trademark Office for a number of
years.  Usually to take the examination, a degree with an
emphasis in engineering or in a science is required.  Please
contact the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a
more complete explanation of the requirements for becoming
a registered patent agent.