About me and the services I offer

I handle all phases of patent prosecution.  I have experience
both as a patent examiner working for the US Patent and
Trademark Office and as a patent agent obtaining patents for

My background in physics facilitates understanding a
relatively large variety of technologies. I have performed
work relevant to patent applications related to many fields,
including optics, liquid crystal display cells, ultrasound,
databases, magnetic recording, video conferencing computer
software, medical devices, and computer hardware.

I also have a team that works with me, and we handle
biotechnology patent applications.

Some of the services I provide are:

* Writing and prosecuting patent applications

* Docketing reminders and managing your patent portfolio.  
If desired we provide a secure login, in which you can view
your patent applications and periodic status reports for your
entire docket.

* Courses in writing and prosecuting patent applications

* Patent searching  

Reasonable rates and flexible terms.

Call for a free consultation at 408-993-1800.
David Lewis, Registered Patent Agent
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